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    PVDF Coating Grade DS201
    Main advantages of PVDF fluorocarbon paint Strong weathering resistance to all kinds of harsh weather, effective protection against UV and powdering. Strong color preservation can maintain excellent color and lasting luster for a long time. Paint film is hard and flexible, can resist impact. It is easy to change color and can effectively resist dirt and maintenance.
    PVDF is a kind of UV-permeable resin, so the pigment and matching requirements are very high. Pigments must be weatherproof and resistant to UV damage to the primer. Usually, the following pigments are selected:
    A. High weathering rutile titanium dioxide
    B- High temperature calcined metal oxide or metal oxide mixtures (ceramic pigments)
    C-weathering pearlescent pigments
    D. High weathering aluminium and silver paste and need to be coated with varnish to prevent acid-base damage
    ItemUnitDS201DS2011ASTM Test
    Appearance/White PowderWhite Powder/
    Scattered fineness =°C410410TGA,1%Wt.
    Moisture <=%0.100.10110°C,-0.09Mpa 1.5hPVDF Coating