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    Finish of it :
    With transparent coating, to protect handle been damaged by worms. Also make the surface of handle smooth, feels more comfortable. This wooden handle is also water-proofed and heat resistant.
    EASY TO CLEAN: It is easy to wash, after using, flush with warm water or wipe with wet cloth, Then store it in dry cabinet.
    SAFETY: Grip the cool wood, preventing the heat from burning your hands.
    MATERIAL: high-quality wood, high scratching resistance, heat insulated, strong and stable quality.
    Item: cookware wooden long handle
    Weight: 50-100g
    Material: wood
    Customization is available, we can make as your sample or 3D drawing.
    Dishwasher safe
    Q1: Where is your factory?
    A: Ningbo,China, one hour’s way to the port.
    Q2: What is the delivery time?
    A: The delivery of normal order is 20-25days.
    Q3: How many qty of handle you can produce per day?
    A: Average around 8000pcs/day.Cookware Handles Made in China