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    Wedged Mirror High Precision|ultra Smooth|laser Gyro|inertial Optical Component|precision Optics|prism For Ring Laser Gyroscope
    1. Brief introduction
    Wedge Prisms provide a low coefficient of thermal expansion and high transmittance from the UV to the NIR. The wedge prism is a substrate with a certain angle that is not parallel. Both sides are precisely polished, it is mainly used for beam splitter or as windows substrate. The wedge angle can be used to eliminate the influence of the reflected light (ghosting) on the opposite side, which is used for sensitive occasion of light.

    2. Performances

    (1). Surface Flatness: λ/20
    (2). Surface Quality: >10-5
    (3). Angle tolerance: ±3″
    (4). Dimension tolerance: ±0.01mm
    3. Applications
    (1). Ring laser gyroscopes
    (2). Beam splitter
    (3). Windows substrate material
    4. Packages
    E-mail: info@gyro-nav.comOptical Components manufacturers