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    36v 10Ah electric bike li ion battery Haibao No.2 case model
    Nominal Voltage 36V
    Nominal Capacity(0.5C,25℃) 10.4Ah
    Standard Discharge
    Max. Continuous Current20A
    Over Current65A
    Cut-off Voltage30V±1V
    Standard Charge
    Charge Voltage42.0V±0.2V
    Recommended Charge Current2A
    Charge Time5hours
    Resistance and rates
    Internal Resistance≤100mΩ
    Self-discharge rate≤4% per Month
    General Features
    Assembly cell 10S4P-18650 -2600mAh (3C)
    BMS discharge protection 20A-65A
    Battery cycle life850 times(DOD 80%)
    Product detail
    Package and shipping
    1. Does Haibao No.2 battery have rear rack?
    Yes, this battery will be mounted into the rear rack.But rear rack should be paid.Rear rack battery price only includes the cost for battery.
    2. Can we provide battery with different cells?
    Yes, we also sell battery with Samsung cells,Panasonic cells,LG cells and so on.
    3. How will these cells cost?
    Samsung or Panasonic cells quality is better than China cells,so price will be much higher.
    4. How is Haibao No.2 battery ?
    This battery is just called rear rack battery by Europe,and it is a very popular battery in electric mountain bike industry. 36V Electric Bike Battery factory